The First Stirrings Of Instinctual Creativity

There's a point in each project when it feels like it's there.

When the first draft is 'ok enough' or the painting is satisfactory. I feel like that with Wild Words. The course material has been on a three-year journey, it has grown and evolved.

Now I feel it's the animal it's meant to be.

And it will go out into the wilds equipped to survive. I hope many more people will enjoy and make use of the material. 

As a result I'm feeling excited. A space has opened up for a new project to begin. I know what that is. It's Instinctual Creativity.

Theoretically, it draws on many of the ideas that are behind Wild Words, but it's about creativity in the broadest sense of the word. With Wild Words I feel I was still working out how my theoretical knowledge and my personal experience could sit side by side. I was still finding my own wildness too. 

Teach in order to learn, they say. I've certainly been doing that. 

I see that Instinctual Creativity will require me to go on even more of a depth journey, on every level. On the physical level I am planning further, more challenging trips into the wild lands of the Alps and Pyrenees.  On a psychological and emotional level I am thinking about the various places in which I am blocked, or conversely have flow in my life. 

With the excitement of a new project, I also feel a familiar pattern of reverberation echo through my being. Fear of the path ahead. Exhaustion at the thought of the effort that will be involved. The pull of addiction (I am without doubt a writing addict). And above all the thrill of the chase.

Off I go. Doodling in words and images as a starting point

Yours, in trepidation,