instinctual creativity

On Samhain

Since men wrenched back the clocks, twilight catches me unawares. The night steals in stealthily, and lands fast. Tonight will be imbued with magic. Samhain- the turning of the year. The going into the dark.

I watch through the office window, as the soft light casts long shadows, and fades. Like powder cast into water, dissolving, tinged with melancholy.  And strangeness.

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The First Stirrings Of Instinctual Creativity

There's a point in each project when it feels like it's there.

When the first draft is 'ok enough' or the painting is satisfactory. I feel like that with Wild Words. The course material has been on a three-year journey, it has grown and evolved. Now I feel it's the animal it's meant to be. And it will go out into the wilds equipped to survive. I hope many more people will enjoy and make use of the material. 

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