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Given it’s an indisputable scientific fact that we are, biologically, mammals, how come the words ‘you’re an animal’ are, (except perhaps in a sexual context (!), an insult of the worst kind?

What is the fundamental misunderstanding about our animal nature that is stopping us surviving and thriving?

How can we take advantage of the innate guidance inside of ourselves? How can we learn to spot the messages that are so under our noses that we fail to see them?

Why is ‘letting it all out’ not the same as being truly wild? And why should we be wary of it?

What is the important distinction between instinct and intuition?

What are the dangers of confusing creativity and spontaneity?

In what ways is ‘re-wilding’ a misunderstood concept?

What’s the Achilles heel affecting all our dialogues about climate change? How can we save the planet?

These are some of the questions you’ll hear answered, listening to a keynote speech or attending a course with Bridget


Bridget Holding is a writer, university tutor and lecturer (University of Exeter, Open University), and arts and body-based psychotherapist (MA in the therapeutic uses of the arts). She’s a published writer, working in the fields of ecopsychology, and body-based psychotherapy.

Her passion is for exploding the myths that keep us repressing those parts of ourselves that we consider ‘wild’ and ‘animal’, and prevent us, and the planet, from not only surviving, but thriving. She presents a specific, evidenced route to healthy, happy functioning via building a relationship with the animal that is an integral part of each of us.

Keynote Speaker

Using well researched material taken from her upcoming book, Bridget’s talks are a delicious fusion of evolutionary psychology, conceptual metaphor, embodied cognition, and body-based therapies. They are offered with warmth, humour, and are peppered with case studies, and literary quotes, as well as examples from her own life. She offers examples of ‘wild functioning’ from her times working in psychiatric hospital settings, in the film industry, with wordsmiths through her company ‘Wild Words’, and the ‘weirder’ stuff she’s done, like living on beaches in a small tent for prolonged periods of time.

She references a broad range of western psychotherapeutic traditions (Freud, Gestalt, Jung, CBT), as well as Buddhist and eastern thought. Other influences on her work also get a mention, including George Monbiot (Feral), Robert Macfarlane (The Wild Places, The Old Ways), author Sara Pascoe (Animal), poet Mary Oliver, neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, and biophysicist/psychotherapist Peter Levine.

During interactive talks Bridget invites attendees to undertake a series of small body awareness and playful written ‘experiments’, to get an experiential handle on the theories for themselves. In longer courses these build to a systematic path that can be applied to all life’s activities.

Whatever common interest or occupation your organisation represents, as an after-dinner speaker Bridget can offer a new perspective, a profound and humorous take on re-wilding precisely applied to your world.

Her work with the staff of environmental organisations focuses on:

  • Specific, do-able practices to re-connect to the nourishment of the ‘inner wilds’ to support them in their work

  • Creating held space for individuals to bring into awareness, process, and safely express feelings of helplessness, guilt, anger, grief, as well as recognise hope, joy, and love.

  • Speaking and creative writing techniques to enable staff to have contactful, impactful, engaging and persausive conversations with funders and the public.

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The Year-Long Mentoring Scheme

Are you in need of individual support? Do you feel that life has more to offer? Wanting to free up your creativity? Twelve hour-long sessions (one a month) plus an email check-in mid-month. Sessions are via Skype/telephone or in person. A structured, simple, systematic path, geared to your individual needs.

The support year runs October-September, and is limited to 10 participants per year. We are now taking bookings for 2018-19.

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About Bridget

Bridget began her career as an award winning short filmmaker and screenwriter. She worked on The Fully Monty, and was a winner of the Sky Moviemax Short Film of The Year Award. She’s worked for the charity MIND, as well as in psychiatric hospitals, and continues to work in private practice. She was also a lay ordainee in the Tiep Hien buddhist order.

She’s given talks and facilitated workshops at venues throughout the UK, including at The London School of Economics, Penzance Literary Festival, Swindon Festival of Literature, Chipping Campden Literary Festival, Dartington Ways with Words, Swanwick Writers' Summer School, Uppingham Summer School, and Lavenham Literary Festival.

Articles written by her, or about her work, have been published in The Telegraph Newspaper, The Psychotherapist Magazine, Psychologies, Writing Magazine and Saga Magazine, among other publications.

She’s also the founder of Wild Words
More about her here.

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“We’re always guided and always doing it right – that’s rebalancing, revitalising, liberating, and empowering”

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“She spiced an important but intellectual subject with humour and humanity. I was captivated”

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